Main shaft - SE 02727 66926       Manway - SE 02749 66991

Depth: Approximately 15 meters.

Artefacts Discovered:


After passing through the gate at the end of Old Moor Lane. Follow the gravel track for around 600 meters and you will see two square wooden fences, one to the left and another to the right.

The right hand fence surrounds Taylor's mine which is a large open shaft partially covered by three rotting railway sleepers. The shaft drops down no more than 10 metres before reaching the floor filled with landfill waste (including an old fitted kitchen). There is a slight undercut at the bottom of the shaft but no passages to explore. It is likely further exploration could be made but first the landfill waste would need to be removed.

The left hand fence surrounds a small manway which has no cover. Dropping down using a wire ladder, a fairly spacious chamber was reached which has been filled with more landfill waste. There is a crawling passage leading off at about 8 metres in length and indications that rats are living within the chamber.

Returning back to the chamber, another short passage leads to a submerged shaft and looking across, another level that has been backfilled with deads. The landfill waste seems to have collected over to one side of the chamber and upon throwing a rock over to this side, it made its way through the waste and bounced down a further unseen shaft of unknown depth.

No further exploration has been conducted at this point as the landfill waste will need to be removed before any further descent is conducted. Future descents are not advised due to the landfill waste posing a health hazard.