Depth: 18 meters

Artefacts discovered:

- A couple of metal milk churns.

- An iron rail and pully.

- Sections of broken ladder

- Pieces of miscellaneous ironwork.

All of the main shafts around the Old Turf Pits have collapsed and are inaccessible, however a manway still remains. Descending the small shaft to a depth of around 7.5 meters there is a small chamber on the left which contains some old rails and 2 milk churns which may have been used by previous visitors as digging buckets.

On the right is a short passage leading to the head of another 10 meter shaft. Wedged across the top of the shaft is an iron bar with a pully on one side. The iron bar can be used as a rebelay point to decend down the shaft to the base. Deads are stacked up on either side of this shaft and it is important to avoid contact with the walls.

Upon reaching the foot of the shaft, there looks to be another passage leading back under the chamber first visited. However there is a collapse at this stage making any further progress impossible.

It is said that the Old Turf Pits connected with the Lost Caverns of Grassington Moor which are described as two large natural caverns that the miners broke into when searching for veins of lead. Unfortunately due to the various collapses across the Turf Pits shafts, it is impossible to access the caverns at this point and a serious amount of effort would be required if the caverns were to be accessed in the future.