Location: SE 02543 67185

Depth of main shaft: 44.5 metres

Artefacts Discovered:

- A metal drinking flask.
- A broken clay pipe.
- Nails and brackets for installing mine cart rails.
- The words JL 1839 carved into the wall.
- Footprints from the miners clogs.
- Fingerprints where miners have dug clay out of the walls in order to hold their candles in position.
- Metal "chairs" which are brackets to connect the mine cart rails to the floor.

Chatsworth Mine consists of a 6ft circular shaft covered with railway sleepers and a pile of rocks. At the head of the shaft are the remnants of a stone building, as well as a well preserved horse whim on the northern edge.

The shaft sinks to a depth of 44.5 metres, with the first level reached at around the 32 metre point. This level consisting of a spacious passage leading northwards for a short distance before encountering a collapse.

Dropping down to a depth of 38 metres two small chambers are located to the North and South. The southern chamber has a large wooden beam spanning horizontally across the room and behind this is a passage leading further south before reaching a T junction with wooden stemples holding up the ceiling. The passages can be followed left and right for a short distance with the left hand passage ending at solid rock. The right hand passage continues much further than the left, but ends in a collapse further along. The vein has been mined vertically at this point, and exploration can be continued a short distance by climbing up the wooden stemples wedged between the walls.

Returning back to the main entrance shaft and crossing to the northern chamber, a hole in the floor can be climbed down another 10 metres. Upon reaching the bottom, a passage leads to the East and another to the West The westerly passage continues for a short distance before ending in a collapse, whilst the easterly passage continues to a point where the passage has been backfilled with deads. Following the easterly passage, a strong draught can be felt which continues down another small shaft located about half way along.

Dropping down this shaft, the mine continues downwards with a number of short passages followed by short shafts. The presence of water becomes more and more noticeable the deeper the mine is explored. some of the passages are knee deep in water and waterfalls cascade down some of the shafts. The current limit of exploration is at the head of a final shaft which drops down into deep water. Further exploration is to be conducted in due course.

The shafts which extend deeper that the main surface shaft are in very poor state and in most cases have large volumes of "deads" stacked up on either side. The group will not be continuing their exploration into the mine until these shafts are secured with the use of scaffolding.