Below is a list of artefacts or interesting features discovered whilst exploring the Grassington Mines. All items have been left in situ as a mark of respect for the miners who left them generations ago.


A manual drill

A manual drill found whilst exploring Chatsworth Mine. The back of the drill would be struck numerous times with a sledge hammer creating a deep hole which would be filled with explosives. The charge would then be detonated allowing the miners to make further progress along the vein.



Steel "chairs" found within one of the numerous passages throughout Chatsworth Mine. These brackets were used to secure the mining cart rail to the floor of the passages.


Clog Prints

The miners would attach steel hoops to the bottoms of their shoes for increased grip when working in the mines. Within Chatsworth Mine, the imprint of a miners shoe can be clearly seen in the soft mud.



An old rusty metal flask barely recognisable was found perched on a ledge within Chatsworth Mine.


Broken clay pipe

A broken clay tobacco pipe found on the side of one of the passages within Chatsworth Mine.


Finger marks in clay

It is thought that the miners used the soft clay to stick candles to the walls whilst they worked. In Chatsworth mine, finger marks can clearly be seen embedded in the clay.


Iron nail

An iron nail embedded into the wall within Chatsworth Mine. It is unclear what this nail was used for.


JL 1839

The words JL 1839 carved into the wall of a passage within Chatsworth Mine.


Metal hook

A metal hook found within Chatsworth Mine.



More nails found within one of the numerous passages in Chatsworth Mine.



Broken sections of ladder discovered at the bottom of the shaft within West Peru Mine.


Pully and metal bar

A pully and metal bar found within the Old Turf Pits. It is possible these items may have been repurposed for digging activities by recreational cavers following closure of the mine.