Our first trip to Chatsworth Mine


Another trip up to the Grassington Mines was completed yesterday, this time to Chatsworth Mine. This mine proved to be the most extensive we have encountered, and contained a series of passages each with different branches and higher levels to explore.

Notable items we found include:
- A metal drinking flask
- A broken clay pipe.
- Nails and brackets for installing mine cart rails.
- The words JL 1839 carved into the wall.
- Footprints from the miners clogs.
- Fingerprints where miners have dug clay out of the walls in order to hold their candles in position.

Interestingly down one of the passages, we encountered a strong draught which indicates the mine is still connected to another shaft nearby. We intend to continue our exploration in the near future using bolting and digging equipment in order to explore some of the currently inaccessible passages.

Due to the fact that we could not see any footprints other than the miner’s clogs, it would be safe to assume that we are the first to explore the mine in at least 175 years!