One major concern that the group has identified is the lack of signage indicating locations of the numerous mine shafts across Grassington Moor.

Chatsworth Mine is a good example of this, with rotten railway sleepers covered by a pile of rocks and moss creating a death trap for unsuspecting tourists. As the group is interested in making the area more accessible to tourists and mine enthusiasts alike, permission was sought to install fencing around some of the shafts, including Chatsworth Mine.

The group is in contact with the Grassington Moor Management Association, Historic England, the Yorkshire Dales National Parks Authority and the Chatsworth Estate.

As Grassington Moor is covered under the Scheduled Monuments Act, permission must also be sought from Historic England before any modification to the area takes place. On the 6th of February 2019, an email was sent to Historic England outlining the request to erect a 8 metre by 7 metre wooden fence around Chatsworth Mine. Steps to obtain consent, raise funding and carry out the work are also currently in progress.